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saama-chakewa : culture of mithila

Satyam Thakur
                               Satyam Thakur

saama-chakewa is prosamachakevaminent festival in the mithila, and also in the northern Indian states bihar. The festival signifies the love relationship between the brother n sister. It starts from kartik shukla-panchami and ends on kartik puranmasi.

The story behinde this festival is that, saama daughter of lord krishna who had been falsely accused of wrong doing. Her father punished her by turning her into a bird, but the love n sacrifice of her brother chakewa eventually allowed her to regain human from.

on this festival,ladies built the statues of saama, chakewa, satabhaiya, chugala with long mustache, brindabon  badhani, dog, bhamara, dance party etc with clay just a day before chhath brat. The statues are coloured and put into a new basket made of bamboo along with a burning lamp to honor her. The basket is decorated with flower and colourful papers. At night, after dinner all the ladies gather at a place of a village headrd with their decorated baskets with saama. They put the basket on the ground and passes many hour sining sweet song offering bless to their brother and curse the wicked. The process continues until puranima when the formally end the ceremony for the year. On the last day the worship their brother with sweets, fruits and flower infornt of saama, chakheva and lastly they dispose the statues on ploughing field or in pond or river near to their home promising saama to call next year

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